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Zeal Snail Elastic & Anti-wrinkle Sheet Mask

With essence of chile snail to nourish skin.
With deep occean fish oil rich in EPA and DHA.
Frim and lift aging fine lines improve the skin resilience and rejunvenate the skin.
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Key Funtion:

With essence of chile snail to nourish skin.
With deep occean fish oil rich in EPA and DHA.
Frim and lift aging fine lines improve the skin resilience and rejunvenate the skin.

Package Details:
1.1 piece of mask in 25ml.
2. 24pcs/Display Box
3. Display Box Size: 132*72*182mm
How to use ?
1.       After facial cleaning, take a mask to apply to the facial skin according to the facial profile.
2.       After enjoying for 20 minutes, take down the mask and then massage.
3.       Use facial mask 3-5 times a week, to make your skin younger and more beautiful.
Safety Instructions:

  1. Always perform a hyper sensjtivity test 24 hours before using the product.

  2. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse with plenty of water immediately, if the product comes in contact with the eyes.

  3. Avoid using the product If  you have any scalp disease, allergy or injury.

  4. Product should not be used on eyebrows or eyelashes because severe inflammation of  the eye or even blindness may occur.

  5. Keep out of reach of children.

Our Products Type:
Facial mask, facial cream, whitening cream, sun block cream, CC cream, hand mask, foot mask, eye mask, breast mask, neck mask, eye cream, peal off mask, gel mask, cream mask, sleeping mask, fullove mist cologne, facial cleanser and so on.
OEM/ODM is available:
1.    We can develop the formula, package design and fragrance under your demand.
2.    We can provide professional promoting suggestion according to your market.
Why do you choose us ?
Advantages of hardware facility:
1.    Standard production enviroment: 10 thousand class dust-free cleaning room, as factory is surrounded by forest, so the air is fresh and clean.
2.    Advanced production equipment: modern full-automatic intelligent production line imported from Germany with daily production of 180 ton productions.
3.    Various types of products: production, detection, packaging, and distribution of the (OEM/ODM) of skin care products.
Service Advantages:
1.    Productss design: We can help our customers to design the full products line basing on our experiences.
2.    Quick and intimate service: quickly provide all the files which necessary for handling entrance formalities; assist the customer to handle entry certificate of target country of sale.
3.    Protect our customers’ privacy of ingredient and market information in strict confidence and making sure that for the same category of products, in each country, we only sell to one customer.
4.    We can assure the quality stability, once there is quality problem happen, we will withdraw the cargoes unconditionally.
5.    Ship the cargoes on time, for the first orders, we can ship within 25 days, and for the repeated orders, only 15 days in need.
Team Advantages:
1.    Senior R&D team: lead by 2 engineers who has more than 15 years’ R&D experiences and 3 engineers who has 6 years’ R&D experiences in cosmetics industry.
2.    Quality control team: the team has professional and rich quality control experiences, we adopt 5 steps of inspection to assure the stability of quality.
3.    Professional and mature trade team: the operation experience is rich, good English level, familiar with each foreign trade process which ensures no error of order process.
We welcome you to visit our factory. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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