Our advantage
The development and design of new products are always in the forefront rank of the industry because the design team visits all over the world to grasp the trend at the first time.
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6 Functional Production Workshops.
24 Packing Production Lines.
The makeup shop has reached 100,000 air purification standards. It is use reverse osmosis equipment, water quality standard conductivity: primary pure water ≤12μS/cm, secondary pure water ≤1.2μS/cm. The International standard production process of skin care products: mixing → filling → testing → packing material → cleaning → filling → packing → collection → packing → collection → inspection → warehousing, a number of automatic cosmetics production lines without fingerprints. It is strictly implement 105 items of cosmetics and international standard production.

It is own comprehensive strict quality management and testing system, including raw materials and packaging material testing, semi-finished materials testing, product filling and packaging process testing, finished products testing, pre-warehouse testing, and established perfect traceability and sample retention system. Safety first, quality first, integrity first is the company adhering to the business philosophy.



680000 +

Production Capacity of a daily single shift is 680000 pieces.

OEM/ODM Manufacturing Process

We have an excellent R&D team , Standardized quality management system, automated production equipments, products and services will be offered that meet international quality. 

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We are a fashion cosmetics enterprise with international vision and global resources, focusing on the R&D and production of international cutting-edge cosmetics.


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